GadgetPickup & BankMyCell Team Up for Superior Cell Phone Buyback & Trade-In Experience for Customers

GadgetPickup & BankMyCell Team Up for Superior Cell Phone Buyback & Trade-In Experience for Customers

Putting Customer Experience First: Cell Phone Buyback Partnership Promises Great Values and Prompt Price Comparisons

As a leading company in the cell phone buyback and trade-in industry, GadgetPickup enthusiastically announces its strategic partnership with trade-in comparison site, BankMyCell. This partnership offers a smooth process for our customers and accurate device value assessments so customers receive the most cash for their phones and other devices.

A Trusted Cell Phone Buyback Program

GadgetPickup has offered customers an instant quote and accurate device values since we opened our doors in 2020. When customers have broken phones, used phones, or other qualified devices, they trust GadgetPickup to provide a fair price for the trade-in.

In addition to cell phones, GadgetPickup accepts the following other electronics:

  • iPads and Tablets: We buy iPad Pros of any generation, iPad Airs and iPad Minis starting with the third generation and standard iPads as old as the fifth generation. We also buy tablets from different brands.
  • Apple watches: You can trade in your Apple Watch with us, our accepted range includes the original Apple Watch from series 4 to 9, the SE 1st and 2nd generation, and the Apple Watch Ultra 1st and 2nd generation. 
  • Game consoles: We buy Xbox X, Xbox S, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S. GadgetPickup also accepts all versions of PS4 and PS5 consoles, and every type of Nintendo Switch.
  • MacBooks: GadgetPickup accepts standard MacBooks (2018-present), MacBook Pros (2016-present), and MacBook Airs (2015-2017).

Accepting a Wide Range of Device Conditions

GadgetPickup accepts devices in the following conditions to ensure that we cover a wide range of our customers’ needs:

  • Brand New: Devices sealed in their original packaging, with all accessories and has never been activated.
  • Flawless: Like-new phones have zero scratches, scuffs, or damage. They have no hardware issues and all their original parts, plus a battery health of at least 95%. You can get the highest price offers for flawless electronic devices.
  • Good: A phone in good condition shows signs of normal use but remains free of major scratches or dents. It has no hardware issues, all its original parts, and at least 85% battery health.
  • Fair: With moderate to excessive signs of wear, the device will have excessive scratching, major dents, and/or mild housing damage.
  • Minor Damage: GadgetPickup accepts phones with cracked screens. If the phone has no other major defects, the customer can still get a better price for it than a broken phone.
  • Broken: These phones include multiple issues such as a cracked screen, faulty headphone jack, liquid damage, dead battery, or malfunctioning buttons.

When consumers want to find the best way to deal with an old phone or broken electronics, they trust us to offer them the best deal and ensure the device is properly recycled. GadgetPickup’s customers find the process easy, quick, and transparent. We are proud of our positive reviews like “cooperative, trustworthy, and fast” that make GadgetPickup stand out from other cell phone buyback programs. GadgetPickup is proud to be one of the highest-rated buyback companies in the United States.

GadgetPickup and BankMyCell Partner To Broaden Trade-in Opportunities for Customers

The partnership between GadgetPickup and BankMyCell allows more accurate price comparisons of cell phones so customers receive the best deal for their old phones and other devices. While GadgetPickup uses multiple experts to determine device values and maintains a wide inventory of cell phones, BankMyCell serves over 300,000 people monthly. Combining access and expertise, this partnership benefits the most important people in our business: our customers.

Increased Trustworthiness

With nearly 300,000 monthly visitors, BankMyCell partners exclusively with leading, trusted companies. All of BankMyCell’s partnered companies undertake a detailed vetting process which means you can guarantee offers come from reputable sources. GadgetPickup is proud to join forces with an industry giant like BankMyCell. As a verified partner with BankMyCell, GadgetPickup shows it acts with integrity and in the customer’s best interest. 

Practicing What We Preach

With access to over a quarter million more customers through BankMyCell, we can guarantee our top dollar offers to a wider customer base. Additionally, GadgetPickup welcomes the push to continually enhance our prices, services and support our customers in their search for the best deals. With this partnership customers can trust they’re receiving an accurate and fair price for their old phone.

It’s Easier Than Ever To Trade In Phones for Cash Online

By teaming up with BankMyCell, GadgetPickup will expand its reach to even more customers who want to compare prices and make an informed decision about where to trade in their phones.

GadgetPickup puts good customer experiences first by offering cash for phones with a simple three-step process:

Find the Best Deals with Ease

To start the phone trade-in process, visit GadgetPickup and enter some details specific to your device. With an accurate reporting of the device’s specifications and condition, customers should immediately be able to get an accurate initial price online. All the more, this price is locked in for 14 days to protect our customers from rapidly shifting market prices.

Similarly, you may also visit BankMyCell and enter your device details to find GadgetPickup’s offer. Enter your email to receive shipping details and instructions. The order will be sent straight to the GadgetPickup team. 

Ship the Device at No Additional Cost

The second step in the cell phone buyback process is mailing the device to GadgetPickup. We provide a free shipping label with every phone trade. 

During packing, follow these steps:

  • We recommend factory resetting the device to keep your information safe.
  • Wrap the device in bubble wrap to avoid damage that could affect the device’s value.
  • Drop the package off at the local UPS or USPS office and obtain a receipt.

Customers can access the shipping label and track the shipping progress from their accounts. 

Quickly Receive Payment

Customers receive payment within 48 hours via one of your preferred methods:

  • Check
  • Paypal
  • Zelle or CashApp

Contact GadgetPickup for the Best Phone and Device Value

Though device values vary, GadgetPickup’s new partnership with BankMyCell opens the door to more trade-in opportunities and better customer experiences. With BankMyCell’s reach, customers can find the best prices for cell phone buyback. We offer a streamlined and transparent process that compares your device value with the most extensive stock in the industry.

We look forward to continuing to provide our service to you. Making it easier to get a good deal for your iPad, game console, MacBook, or phone today.

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