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The value of your iPhone 13 Pro depends on it’s carrier, capacity and condition. We have six different conditions of the device at our website: ‘Brand New’, ‘Flawless’, ‘Good’, ‘Fair’, ‘Minor Damage’ and ‘Broken’. Check out how much you can get for an iPhone 13 Pro too.

We’ll pay you up to 36% more than carrier buyback services. We buy a wide range of gadgets. Just select your carrier for more information.

By selling your old phone! When you sell your old phone you no longer need, you can get the cash to upgrade to the iPhone 13 Pro!

Here’s how to sell your device the smart way with GadgetPickup:

  • State the storage and condition of your phone to get an instant offer. No fees and no hassle!
  • Put your old phone into a box and send it to us with free shipping label we provide.
  • You’ll get paid quickly with our fast one day payments!

It’s so easy! If you need more information, check out our how it works page.

We will send your payment through Zelle, Check or PayPal once we receive and inspect your iPhone 13 Pro.

Thanks to our tech price promise, we guarantee to pay the first price we offer for your iPhone 13 Pro or we’ll return it to you. Join millions of happy customers and trade in your old phone with us today!

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