Sell Used MacBook Online vs In Person

Sell Used MacBook Online vs In Person

4 Primary Ways To Sell Your Older Model MacBook

Many people settle on local markets to sell their used items, including their Apple MacBooks. The pandemic made this harder to do, which led to the rise of people selling their products via platforms like OfferUp, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Despite being one of the earliest online classified ads, Craigslist is just as popular today as it was initially. However, it has some negative aspects to it, just as OfferUp and Facebook do.

No matter where you choose to sell your MacBook, the most crucial thing is erase all your information, so no one else has it.

Why Selling Your Devices In Person Is So Worthwhile?

One of the biggest reasons people still their items locally is the ability to set the price themselves. With Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp, you can review profiles and see if they truly are who they claim to be. Craigslist doesn’t have the option.

While you get more money selling an item yourself, remember it’s based on the model and brand and its condition. The Apple MacBook is still one of the most popular electronics on the market and is likely to be sold the same day the advent goes up.

Selling custom items such as a from-scratch laptop could take more time since many buyers search for particular models and focus more on specifications. Custom-built computers also do not have traditional model numbers meaning they’re geared more to people who understand the hardware.

It can take time to sell an older or custom computer. In fact, anything more than three years old is considered dated (out of date).

Best of all, if you sell your device, you get paid right then and there. No waiting and no need to ship anything.

Why You Should Reconsider Selling In Person?

It can take some time before you sell your MacBook, but with enough motivation to sell and some changes to your price, you could finally find a buyer. Make sure you are aware that what you sell your MacBook for may be the same price you’d get online for it from a buyback website.

Plus, you lose the time you took trying to sell it.

If you have a custom-built MacBook, it can take even longer to sell. Most people do not want a custom-built model but rather the latest model that sells within hours of its release.

Regardless of what website you choose to sell your MacBook on, you always want to meet in public place such as a coffee shop, police station, etc.

As for what you should accept as payment, there is still no real consensus on that. Some people choose to use an electronic form of payment such as PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, etc. Other people want cash (which brings up a situation of counterfeit money). There are all kinds of ways people scam others out of their money and product.

Why You Should and Should Not Consider The MacBook Apple Trade-In Program?

Now, Apple has its own program for MacBook users called the Trade-In Program. There are some reasonably good reasons as to why you should consider this.

  • Great trade-in offer goes toward upgrades
  • Company dedicated to lowering carbon footprint and being eco-friendly

They are more likely to give you a good deal on your MacBook than other places, but if you need cash, you won’t get that here. You only get credit for the device to use on the purchase of another one – online or in-store.

Should You Consider The BestBuy Trade-In Offer?

There are many reasons BestBuy is considered the best of the best electronics stores, and its Trade-In program is one of them. With BestBuy, you can take your MacBook and see what kind of offer they will make in-store. Or, you can enter the particulars online and ship it to them for free. If your laptop has no value to it, they will offer to recycle it for you without a charge.

It’s an easy process – go online or in-store. It takes minutes, comes with free shipping, and you can trust it because it’s been around for more than half a decade.

Why Isn’t The BestBuy Trade-In Program A Good Deal?

BestBuy doesn’t have an extensive catalog it can buy from. It’s all based on generic specifications, not the model itself. This can affect its value. Its algorithm can inflate the price of older electronics while decreasing the price of newer models. This is the result of not factoring in the processor generation.

For example, there is more precedent on the Intel Core i7 than the other 11 generations. The Core i7 was developed in 2008, but despite the newer models, there is no acknowledgment on BestBuy’s part.

You also do not get cash for your laptop; just in-store credit on a gift card. This won’t be an issue if you shop often at BestBuy. However, if you need money for other reasons, such as paying a bill, then you don’t want to go this route.

You may not get any money for your laptop, especially if it’s an older model. It could be the company deems it “unsellable” and will not honor the online estimate. They will, however, often recycle the MacBook for you – something to be mindful of if you’re just getting rid of it to be rid of it.

Why You Should Consider GadgetPickup In Selling Your MacBook?

When it comes to selling your MacBook, buyback sites like GadgetPickup are willing to give you top dollar for it. Why should GadgetPickup be your number one choice in selling your old device?

  • Easy – from beginning to end, it’s an easy process. You just visit the website, find your model in the database, receive an immediate estimate and use the prepaid shipping label to send the device. Within a week, you’ll have gotten your payment.
  • Multiple Payment Options – there are several ways of getting paid for your devices, such as PayPal, Zelle. You can also opt for a check. You don’t get in-store credit, and the money is yours to use as you’d like.
  • Multiple Models Accepted – GadgetPickup has a large database of accepted models it will take. It’s not just an Apple buyback company, but other companies are also accepted. GadgetPickup is constantly reviewing the market and prices to ensure the most payout for your electronics.
  • No Misrepresentation – GadgetPickup will ask you for more in-depth specs about your device to ensure you are paid the right amount. You won’t get paid if you misrepresent the device or choose the wrong laptop model.

For some people, the idea of never leaving their home to sell a device is appealing. However, for those who like to sell in person, GadgetPickup won’t be right for you as it’s an online service only. Of course, you’ll have to wait for GadgetPickup to receive the MacBook to get your payment, but it’s still faster than trying to sell it yourself in person. It can take weeks before someone serious is interested and buys your MacBook.

Which One Is Right For You?

Only you can decide where the best place is to sell your MacBook – locally or online. However, as you can see, you have several options to choose from. Remember, though, what benefits you may not benefit another person and vice versa. Think about what you want and choose.

If you want to deal with a buyback website, GadgetPickup will be delighted to assist you, answer any questions you may have and let you know what kind of deal can be offered on your device.

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