How and Where You Can Sell Your Old Graphics Card

Tips that help you sell your GPU faster and easier

How and Where You Can Sell Your Old Graphics Card

Many people will purchase a newer graphics card when the old one is no longer useful. Unfortunately, many of these same individuals will store their old graphics cards instead of selling them because they don’t know how to. Rather than the old graphics card collecting dust, put it to use by selling it and recouping some of the money back from the new graphics card you bought. By selling it, you can also de-clutter your home.

Of course, some people choose to keep their old graphics card as a backup, but it’s rarely ever necessary most times. If you have an integrated graphics card, then this really is no reason for a backup.

If you have a graphics card you need to sell, you’re in luck. There are a plethora of places you can go that you can do just that. You can try eCommerce sites, classified sites, offline to customers directly, etc.

4 Key Places To Go In Selling Your Old Graphics Card

E-commerce Sites

eBay, Amazon, and similar e-commerce sites make selling a used graphics card easy. You just need to open a seller account and sell whatever you want along with the graphics card. These sites see millions of visitors every day, which means more people to view your listing and increase your chances of selling your products.

You can also turn to reputable local e-commerce sites that see a lot of traffic.

Online Classified Sites

Craigslist, OfferUP, Facebook Marketplace and similar sites are free online classified sites where you can sell old things successfully. Make sure this listing includes all the pertinent information about the product. If you come across as a professional in your listing, you can reach more prospective buyers.

Facebook Pages is another great place to list your old graphics card or other products. This marketplace is more for local selling but is extremely useful. You may also get an immediate response to your listing. Many people have been successful in selling their old equipment and other stuff on Facebook Pages, especially if the page has a massive following of people.

People You Personally Know

If you know of someone who needs a powerful graphics card to move away from an integrated graphics card, then consider selling them your old one. Rather than going online to sell your old graphics card, consider reaching out to friends, family, co-workers, etc. to get rid of the old part. And, if you don’t know someone personally interested in the graphics card, you can always find a willing buyer from these individuals.

Word of mouth advertising is still very effective in this day and age.

Sell your GPU to GadgetPickup

If none of the above methods is to your liking, consider reaching out to GadgetPickup about selling your electronics. We provide an instant quote for your device as well as free shipping to us. This will probably be the easiest way to sell your graphics card, which will save you time.

How Much is Your Old Graphics Card Worth?

Determining what the value of your graphics card is to price it can be tedious. Too low of a price, and you lose out on cash. Too high of a price, and people won’t buy it. What can you do to find out how much your graphics card is worth?

Research The Forums

One of the easiest ways to find out how much your graphics card is worth is to turn to computer-related forums. Many of these technical forums have a classified section where you can ask questions of other members about the worth of your graphic cards.

Use The Following Formula

Here’s an excellent way to determine the current value of the graphics card. Find out what the graphics card was worth when it was first introduced to the market. You can find out the information through Google. Divide this amount by the number of years it has been since the introduction to the market. Add this to have what you want, giving you an estimated value of the graphics card now.

For instance, a card launched in 2010 was sold at $129. If it’s currently 2018, then eight years have passed since it was introduced to the market. Divide 129 by 8, which gives you 16 and half of 16 is 8, add 16 and 8 together, and you get $24. The graphics card is now worth $24.

6 Tips To Ensure You Sell Your Used Graphics Card

Of course, when it comes to quickly selling your graphics card for a reasonable amount on any site, there are some things to remember.

Never Wait

When you buy a new GPU, you want to make sure to sell the old one quickly. The value of a graphics card diminishes with time. The longer you hold off on selling it, the less money you’ll get in return. Do not wait! Immediately create an ad to sell the graphics card.

Provide Photos and Precise Detailed Information

Thoroughly but carefully clean the graphics card and take close-up pictures of it from every angle possible in good lighting. Avoid using blurry or noisy pictures of the graphics card. You also don’t want to leave it dusty and take pictures of it. If you have the box, cables or anything else that came with the card, also take a picture of those.

Include the following information about your graphics card: Brand, Model number, Major specs.

Mention Games It Plays

Another way to quickly sell your used graphics card is to mention what games it is capable of running – the resolution, frames rates, etc. Make sure to list about five popular games you know the graphics can handle. You don’t have to give a blow-by-blow of the capabilities, just enough to give prospective buyers an idea of what it is capable of.

Why You’re Selling It

In your advertisement, you want to give a reason why you are selling your graphics card. If you have recently upgraded your card, be honest and say that you upgraded it and don’t need the old one.

List Your Product For A Higher Price When Competition Is Low

You may be wondering why you’d want to list your graphics card for a higher amount on online classified sites. This is only useful if there is little to no competition on the site. When there is no competition for your particular graphics card, you can always leave room to bargain and get the price you actually want for it.

For instance, you list your graphics card for $30, but a prospective buyer comes to you and offers $25, which is what you really wanted out of it. You sell it, making the money you want.

Offer Freebies

If you know there are other spare computer parts you don’t need, consider giving them away along with the graphics card. This will up the chances of the graphics card selling because everybody likes to feel they are getting something for a good deal.

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