How to Sell Your Broken iPad

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How to Sell Your Broken iPad

Most people choose to replace their broken iPad, never really considering the possibility that it may be repairable. What do you do with the old one if you’ve purchased a new iPad to replace your broken or cracked one? You may consider throwing it in the garbage, but that’s not very environmentally friendly. You could put it into storage, with the possibility of using it for parts.

Or, go with a better option! Sell your broken iPad and get cash to offset the cost of your new iPad.

No matter if the iPad’s battery died or the screen has cracked, you can always sell it someplace where another person knows it’s worth. They can use the knowledge they have to fix an iPad to work once more. To them, a broken iPad can be quite invaluable and profitable.

How much money could you get if you sold your broken iPad? It won’t be near as much as an operational iPad, but something is better than nothing. If it’s just sitting in your desk or thrown into the garbage, you’re not getting anything from it.

  • Cracked/shattered screen
  • Damaged button
  • Dead battery
  • iPad with no power

It doesn’t matter the reason, selling it gives you some cash back to offset your new iPad purchase. Sell your iPad today and get the cash you need.

Make Repairs To Your Device

A fixed device will sell for more than a broken one! Most people do not have the knowledge it takes to do an iPad repair. However, if the iPad’s problems are under warranty, Apple can potentially make free repairs to the device.

Apple offers two repair programs:

  • AppleCare – 1-year warranty from the purchase date
  • AppleCare+ – 2-year warranty from the purchase date

Find out of the iPad is under warranty and if you can have it fixed. If the device is under warranty, you don’t need to purchase a new iPad or sell this one. However, if the warranty is no longer valid, you can solve a handful of iPad repairs whether or not you are good at repairing electronics.

If you need a battery replacement, just a couple of tools are needed to make the change. It’s a relatively straightforward process, but take your time and understand the how-to guide before starting the repair job.

Conduct A Factory Reset

It’s imperative that you delete all the information on your iPad before selling it. Of course, doing a factory reset will only work if it’s getting power. You’ll need to open the Settings app on the iPad and do the following General, Reset, Erase All Content and Settings. Bear in mind there are six options you can choose from, but it’s crucial to erase all content.

You’ll be prompted for a passcode that you will then need to confirm.

The erasure process begins when you touch the button “Erase iPad.” Once complete, the iOS Setup Assistant will pop up when the device has restarted. The broken iPad can now be sold with confidence that none of your information remains on it. Hold the power button down and slide the on-screen prompt to power it down completely.

Sell The Device On OfferUp, eBay or Other Site

You can reach a larger market to sell your broken or cracked iPad by selling them on auction sites such as eBay. However, you do need to contend with packaging and shipping the product, and you’ll also need to pay for the shipping. If you don’t insure your package and it’s lost, you lose the money. On top of that, unscrupulous buyers can claim that they never received the package.

That doesn’t mean selling locally doesn’t have its problems. It’s easier than selling your product online, you get cash in your hands, and there are no fees to pay. OfferUp is a good market to sell to if you want to sell the broken iPad locally. Another place to turn to sell your broken iPad is Facebook. Use Facebook Marketplace to spread the word about your device, being upfront that the device isn’t working, has a cracked screen or whatever. Here, you can reach out to friends who may know someone willing to take the device off your hands.

If going the local route, ensure that you meet in a safe, secure location to protect yourself.

Trade-In Program

The majority of people are under the mistaken impression that a trade-in program will only take devices working correctly. However, GadgetPickup buys broken iPads from people looking to sell them. While you don’t get a lot of money for it, you do get money, and you no longer have to worry about your device taking up space in your home.

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